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About This Site
  • Biographical
    Many people will tell you they could write a book about their life. Few do. I have already authored over 3,000 web pages, so adding a few more won't be too difficult. This site will eventually contain an online autobiography, or maybe not, depending on the random direction it takes.
  • Opinions
    We all have opinions about things. I'll be publishing mine here.
  • Entertainment
    I get fan mail about our business websites, and should be freer to entertain here.
  • Praise and Recognition
    There are lots of unsung heroes, and I hope to sing about them here.
  • Condemnation
    There are also lots of things to complain about, and they also will appear here.
  • The Meaning of Life
    Not the Monty Python film, but my random thoughts on deep subjects.
Other Content
  • Books
    A recommended reading list.
  • Immortality
    How to achieve it.
  • Spam (Junk E-mail)
    I hate it, how about you.
  • Life
    Youll never get out of it alive.
  • The N.H.S.
    How and why it's killing people.
  • Stupid Smokers
    OK, tautological I know.
  • Comments on News Items
    Thoughts about various issues.
  • Dangerous Drivers
    Unsafe at any speed.
  • Mobile Phone Junkies
    Superglued to their heads.
  • Friends
    Quality not quantity.