Best Websites
As Selected by Lawrence Chard
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A highly subjective list of the best websites I have noticed.
Best Sites
  • BBC
    For breadth and quality of content, this is one of the best websites in the world.
  • Google (
    The world's best internet search engine.
  • Google (
    Its UK sites filter is very useful.
  • Arachnoid - Arachnophilia
    Home of the Careware HTML editor Arachnophilia, and other useful resources from a great human being, Paul Lutus.
  • Spamcop
    One way to fight spam.
  • Mailwasher
    A free programme to help deal with spam.
  • Zone Alarm
    One of the best firewalls. Free for private users.
  • Wikipedia
    The free, open content encyclopedia. I contribute, you can too.
Sites which have dropped out of the "best" list for various reasons.
  • Alta Vista
    Until a few years ago, the best search engine. Now soundly beaten by Google, and full of annoying animated GIFs.
  • Open Directory Project
    Since Yahoo converted to paid listings (with just a few exceptions), the ODP is the only major free directory. Sadly we believe their editorial policy is flawed, confused and inconsistently applied. The category editors are all amateurs, entry to this exclusive club appears to be jealously guarded and is not easy. There appears to be an anti-business bias. An amateur may have unlimited sites listed if they involve different topics, but a business is lucky to get more than one listing no matter how many different and unique sites it operates. More about the ODP.