The danger of experts by Lawrence Chard
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Experts Are Dangerous

Experts and Pseudo Experts
Most experts know their limitations. They know that they are not complete experts. On the contrary, most pseudo-experts probably believe that they are experts, and would never admit that they could ever be wrong. These pseudo experts are extremely dangerous people.

More and More about Less and Less
One of my favourite quotes about experts is:-
An expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less until he ends up knowing everything about nothing.
It may be more accurately stated about a specialist rather than an expert.

Another thought occurred to me about experts.
Many experts know that their knowledge is greater than that of the cast majority of other people. The more they know, the less there is to learn. When they get to know more than anybody else, it becomes almost impossible to learn anything new. One you stop learning anything new, you have begun a decline.
It has always been one of my philosophies that I still have much to learn, and that any of my customers or competitors probably knows much more than I do about some or many different apects of my own areas of expertise.

This column is included to create the impression that there is more to come. In actual fact it's because I haven't got round to removing the two column layout, and replacing it with something better.