Random Order
Explained (or otherwise) by Lawrence Chard
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Some of the pages on Lawrence Chard's website are in what appears to be random order. Chaotic order would be more accurate.
The expression random order must surely qualify as an oxymoron. If you do not know what an oxy is, please look it up in the nearest dictionary.

It would have been quite simple to show many of the links and topics on this site in alphabetical order. Some day I may add a contents page, and alphabetical order would be quite a sensible way to construct it, but life isn't always like that, there is never enough time, many people don't know their alphabet, the pages didn't arrive in alphbetical order, they just happened, so why don't I just call it chaotic order instead?

Chaotic Order
Now most people would think this was an oxymoron, and they would be wrong as usual. Chaos probably does have an order, but actually the pages on this site did not occur in chaotic order, pseudo-chaotic might be closer to the mark.

Pseudo Random Order
It is quite easy to create a pseudo random string of numbers, true random is more difficult. Computers can be used to create either. Humans probably are not capable of creating random strings without outside help. Even the most random seeming thoughts and actions are probably pseudo random. The pages and links in this site probably approximate pseudo random order.

Order of Importance
There is no way that I am going to attempt to order the content of this site in order of importance. It would upset too many people. Besides some things which may be important on some days may be less important on other days. I've got better things to do with my time than re-arrange the order of this site daily.