The Truth by Lawrence Chard
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What is Truth?
The Nature of Truth
Many people believe they know what truth is. Others think they know what the truth is. Most don't, probably because they never bothered to thnk about it.

Truth Honesty and Accuracy
Truth honesty and accuracy are all inextricably interlinked. Let me try to explain using a few examples...

  • How Old Are You?
    An easy question! If you think you know the answer, I suggest you write it down now, and check later to see if you got the right answer. You can't be bothered to get an pen and paper, or perhaps you smugly think it's too simple a question to bother attempting to answer. You are probably wrong. Let's continue. Now write down the number of your last birthday. Most people will have written the same answer twice. Actually most people will not have written anything at all either becasue they are too lazy, couldn't be bothered, or are worried that they will look stupid if they get the answers wrong. Don't worry, most people do.
    If like me, you are 29 year old, you will have written down 29, 29, or possibly 29, 30. There are four main possibilities for your answer...
    1. Both answers are the same.
    2. The second answer is one more than the second.
    3. The second answer is approximtely one quarter of the first.
    4. Any other result.
    Now let's examine the answers in more detail...
    1. The wrong answer, but probably the most popular (about 90%).
      To explain why, let's start at the beginning. Can you remember your first birthday? No? You sure started with Alzheimer's early. Joking aside for one moment, your first birthday, your very first birthday was the day you were born. It is very obvious when you think about it. At that time you were 0 years old. A year later when you were 1 year old, your parents probably celebrated your birthday with a party. They thought it was your first birthday, but they were wrong. If your parents were wrong about something as simple as this, then how can you be expected to know any better? This was your second birthday, or perhaps more accurately the first anniversary of your birth. While writing the last sentence, it suddenly dawned on me that we all only have one birth day, and that is the day we were born. What we call birthdays are actually anniversaries of our birth day.
    2. Either you are a brilliant logician, a real thinker, or a complete innumerate.
    3. Most likely you were born on February 29th, and you are quite logical, or you are a complete innumerate.
    4. You are almost certainly a complete innumerate.
    5. I can't count.
  • Am I A Coin Expert?
    I would normally answer yes to this question as it approximates to the truth. Yes I have spent much of the last 40 years buying and selling coins, so I have actually acquired a reasonably impressive
The truth is that there isn't any more at the moment, but by leaving this heading here, I may fool a few people into believing that there is more to come.