Worst Websites
As Selected by Lawrence Chard
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A highly subjective list of the worst websites I have noticed.
Worst Sites
  • Royal Mail
    It was good until they insisted on sign-up and logon to use postcode and address finder pages. It now takes 5 minutes to perform a check we used to be able to do in 30 seconds. We use it ot ensure the postcode and address are correct when our mail order customers don't write clearly. Royal Mail also introduced tight restrictions on the number of searches per day.
  • Jaguar Cars
    OK unless you want to find their address and telephone number. Like many big companies, they don't seem keen on being contacted.
  • Open Directory Project
    In principal the ODP (dmoz.org) is very good, but...
    Since Yahoo converted to paid listings (with just a few exceptions), the ODP is the only major free directory. Sadly we believe their editorial policy is flawed, confused and inconsistently applied. The category editors are all amateurs, entry to this exclusive club appears to be jealously guarded and is not easy. There appears to be an anto-business bias. An amateur may have unlimited sites listed if they involve different topics, but a business is lucky to get more than one listing no matter how many different and unique sites it operates.
    Its search facilities are poor. The only reason for its continued importance is the fact that the best and most important search engine Google uses its database. Inclusion and a good rating on Google is very important for all websites.
    The DMOZ Forum is littered with complaints about slow or impossible listing,and nepotism or worse.
    A potentially wonderful resource spoilt by poor editorial control. (Bang goes any chance of this site getting listed!).